Fishnet Hosting

Some hosting you get elsewhere

If you are searching for a mass Hoster for 99 cents a year, then you are wrong about us. We offer quality and service. The accessibility of your business presence is the basis for your sales and therefore has the highest priority for us.

In principle, you can gain access by us and take care of everything themselves.
But you can also book also further services:

  • Support for questions regarding the operation of your shop system
  • Free implementation of small works (2minwork”)
  • SSL encryption of your store
  • Regular backups with virus scanning and free replay of the last virus-free backups
  • Regular sending of your backups on DVD
  • Ongoing monitoring of your Terms, Revocation policy and other legal documents
  • SMS notification of email receipt with specific subjects

… And of course all of our other services, which can be found on!






Fishnet Services. That’s the way of service.