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Service für Versandhändler - Abbildung eines Teams an Laptops

About Us

Fishnet Services, that is already since the year 2008 a spontaneous, low-cost service for mail order companies based in the beautiful city of Hamburg - but since we have long since moved with the times, all our employees of course work remotely. This saves us costs and keeps our prices lower. You get our services without fixed costs, without minimum turnover, without thick written contracts. We work on demand. Flexibility is not just a slogan for our work - we adapt our offer individually to the online store and your needs.

We combine various competences in a satisfied, functional team and are, among other things, a proud IT-Recht-Kanzlei partner.

We host, program, design, advertise, type, optimize and look after your store or website.

As much or as little as you want. For Shopware. For Modified Ecommerce. And for WordPress websites.

Help for mail order companies

Shop support is a full service with us.

You tell us what you need, we implement your wishes or have them implemented. Our service for mail order companies is holistic. This means that we not only take care of technical support and programming work, not only implement search engine optimization and advertising measures, but also help you in other areas through our many years of experience and service orientation.

We help you by:

supporting and advising
researching and analyzing
representing your interests to other service providers such as SEO specialists and sales platforms
taking care of a smooth technical process in the background, so that you can concentrate on your core competencies again.
designing and programming and developing your store either in consultation with you or on your own

training you or your employees in Shopware and Modified eCommerce

providing you with legal advice or debt management providers in case of emergency

We help your customers, and therefore you, by:

by keeping the recurring calls and the same questions at bay: "I have a problem with the webshop", "I can't log in", "I forgot my e-mail address".
by providing end-user support in many areas, including

Communicate with your customers in English, French or German. Or any other language that deepl.com speaks 🙂


One of our main focuses is the administration of websites and webshops. Administration is the management, optimization and customization of an online store. Of course, the used store system already offers you numerous functions for administration. But sometimes this is not enough for the needs that arise in everyday business. Stop wasting time on processes that can be easily optimized. And don't waste any more potential.
IT Administration für den Versandhandel


On ecommerce-support.com you can get many programmings that we have finished for stores for a special price. We no longer charge for the programming or the module itself, but only for the installation. These ready-made scripts are the perfect basis for your desired store extension. So you save a lot of money and we save a lot of work.

On ecommerce-support.com you can also enter keywords in the search and receive suggestions for suitable modules.

Or if you would like to hear us stutter in english, just give us a call: +49 40-254133690

Let's expand your webshop together professionally and cost-effectively now.

Discover modules for the areas

Registration and Login,
Order, invoice and reminder,
Texts and content,
Customer data,
Countries and languages,
Statistics and analysis,
Export and import,
Filter and search,
Coupons and vouchers and all sorts of other stuff.