Design für Versandhändler


I want a design. I want it to look great.

Good design looks great, of course, but call a few designers. Half of them will hang up on you because they don't have the time or the inclination to deal with such imprecise customer requests. The other half will call horror prices (primarily to get rid of you).

Fishnet Design means design with service.

Whether you already have a finished sketch or just a rough idea:
We will keep providing you with suggestions until you are satisfied:

"That's it. That's exactly how I wanted it."

Design and SEO play a particularly important role in the context of emotional customer loyalty. Can I identify with the brand, the store, the logo? Do the colors appeal to me? Does the marketing appeal to me? Is this a store that I like and enjoy visiting? These are all questions that your customers will answer with "yes" at best. Design is very diverse, fulfills important functions, especially in e-commerce, and is also individual and subjective. First and foremost, you have to like it. Because it is your business, your store, your self-realization. Let's find the right store design, logo or corporate design together!

Design fulfills a variety of functions:
a technical
an aesthetic
a semantic
a communicative
a promotional and
an emotional function.
Shopdesigns, Logos und Corporate Design

From the logo to your store to your corporate identity: we do it. We are not limited to one design style, but offer you conception and implementation according to your wishes.

Logo Design

Logos with recognition value

Logos should say something about you or your company, leave a pleasant feeling, be easily recognizable and fit the corporate identity of the company. Not an easy task! We design a logo for you at a fixed price. And change the design until you like it.

Why you need a good logo

First impressions count. And it counts between people just as much as it does in contact with companies and brands. A good logo is like a business card for your company. It catches the eye of potential customers, creates recognition value and conveys a message: Who we are as a company. How we want to be perceived. That we can be trusted. That we know what we are doing and much more.

That's why it's no easy task to design and create a good logo that's professional yet individual, accurately represents your business while remaining as simple as possible, but still stands out from the rest. Giving up? Then let us do it!

Logodesign für Versandhändler
Entwurf und Design von Logos

What a good logo can do

Grab attention (Remember the short attention span of customers, we only have a few seconds in e-commerce to convince potential clientele to stay).
give a first impression (Who are we and what do we do?)
Strengthen brand identity (Tell a consistent story in print and digital.).
What a good logo can do: Create memory (People remember a great logo much better than your company name).
Increase competitiveness
Generate brand loyalty (the magic word is consistency. Just think of a familiar logo: its depiction on products alone is a reason to buy, without you having to search for the brand name).
Create recognition value (be it in newsletters, mailings, campaigns, advertising, etc.).

Contact us for any type of logo design.

We design your internet store.
For Modified E-Commerce and Shopware.

(Of course always responsive, so also for mobile devices!)

Store design (and store programming) is the focus of our work, our passion.
We "translate" the Photoshop data of your designer into a store template, or transfer the template from your old store system into a new one (in other words: we make it new) or we create a complete design for your company ourselves and afterwards the corresponding template.

What store themes are.

Simply put, store templates (or "themes") are templates for online stores. As a starting point, they are then dynamically filled with content in predefined places - placeholders. Templates are available for a wide variety of areas and are also an elementary part of the design of your website. The store template is the framework for your store. This has certain colors and buttons to operate, and is filled by us or by you with images and text.

We always like to compare a store with a house. In this case, the template would be the facade. Your house can be a row house like all the others in the virtual street, or a mansion that attracts all eyes and arouses curiosity. Or anything in between. 

Accordingly, the prices can range from 0 USD (yes, exactly!) to 10,000 USD. Talk to us about how you imagine your store.


Shoptemplates für Onlineshops
Individuelles Shop-Design

Which reasons speak for own store templates?

If you click through the variety of online stores, you will notice the following: Many stores look very similar. But the stores that stand out remain in the memory.

The main reason for creating your own design is that you don't want your store to look like your competitors'.

And the selection of available templates is limited.

An individual store design is not as expensive as you might think.

Depending on your wishes and budget, we design either simple inexpensive or exclusive templates for your store, with additional functions and programming or without.

Contact us for a quote, or check out our Store to get a feel for our prices.

From the business card to the web store:
Everything from a single source.

If you wish, we can create a complete corporate identity for you, including print design (business cards, newspaper ads, stationery, flyers) and web design (blog, store, information site).

This starts with your new company colors, your logo and slogan, then we work on your print appearance - flyers and business cards. Finally, the webshop or your website will be skillfully staged and the design will be implemented in a programming. The entire work is done quickly and effectively in a small team, so that there are neither financial surcharges nor time losses.

What actually is corporate identity?

Corporate identity, or CI for short, encompasses all the characteristics of your corporate identity. Your company should have its own uniform personality and thus a high recognition value. This creates customer loyalty and makes you more competitive. CI includes the perception of your company by the public as well as by your employees.

If done right, all company activities will be aligned and in line with your corporate identity. This includes your website, your customer approach, all visual elements, marketing measures and also internal and external communication. Corporate identity can be divided into different areas such as corporate design, corporate communication, corporate culture and corporate language.

Corporate Identity
Individuelle Designs für Onlineshops
Let us support you: In the area of particularly relevant corporate design, we design the external appearance of your company - from the beginning or new - and make sure that all selected design elements (such as colors, fonts, logo, etc.) present your company in a consistent manner. Because first of all your mail order business, online store or website will be visually perceived and evaluated.

You have a corporate identity anyway - don't leave it to chance, but actively work out the design of the content that is important to you! Because a corporate identity differentiates you from competitors and creates trust.