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Through professional SEO to more customers & sales!

Through SEO more traffic, sales and profit!

We as SEO agency optimize your website for search engines. So that you reach more visitors and customers. Thereby you increase your turnover! SEO Agency optimieren Deine Website für Suchmaschinen. Damit Du mehr Besucher und Kunden erreichst. Dadurch steigerst Du Deinen Umsatz!

The search engine optimization (SEO) of your website focuses on the aspects of content, structure and technology. These key elements are at the heart of any SEO strategy, as they have a direct impact on the positioning of your website in search results.

Our SEO agency services are available to you without fixed costs, minimum turnover or extensive written contracts.
We do not require minimum terms, but work according to demand. Flexibility is the foundation of our work philosophy and is more than just a slogan for us. We customize our offer to the highest degree to your website and your individual requirements.

Benefit from our many years of experience as a search engine agency and from our long opening hours (by e-mail Mon-Fri 7am - 10pm, Sat+Sun approx. 9am - 2pm, by phone Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri 9am - 5pm).

Our SEO agency offers for you

onpage seo

Onpage analysis

Our detailed onpage analyses help you to exploit the full potential of your website. We identify weaknesses and potential in the areas of content, structure and technology. This will help you improve your website in search results and generate more traffic and leads.

This will help you improve your website in search results and generate more traffic and leads.

Local SEO

Make yourself visible locally!

Every third search query is now for a local search result.
This means that people searching for products or services near you can see your website in the search results.

Onpage optimization

We optimize your website specifically for search engines so that it achieves better rankings in the search results of popular search engines.
We take into account the latest algorithms of Google and other search engines and make sure that your website is optimized for the most important keywords.

SEO consulting

We analyze your website and show you how to achieve your goals.

These include the following:

  • Long-term goals
  • Short-term goals
  • Strengths and weaknesses of your website

Creation Title & Description

Title tags and meta descriptions are two of the most important elements for search engine optimization (SEO) of a website.

They are the first impression users get from your website and can be crucial in deciding whether or not they click on your website.

SEO Content

Informative and optimized texts are an important part of every successful website.

They help you capture potential customers, increase visit duration and make your website easier to find on the web.

SEO Leistungen

SEO for online stores

SEO Services
our offer

SEO is the abbreviation for search engine optimization. This means all optimization measures to increase the visibility of your website and its content in the unpaid search results of a search engine. At our SEO agency you get SEO services for cheap - texts and also technical measures.

Our SEO services

We analyze your store - or the store of your competitor. If you want (and have a store system supported by us), you will also receive an offer for the implementation afterwards. Our services range from a mini version for the small merchant wallet to a complete analysis.

We provide high quality content in , bring your website ahead in Google and inspire your visitors with texts that are really helpful - for your clientele and for your ranking.

We write articles, categories, blog posts and create meta titles and meta descriptions based on in-depth keyword research and website analysis using the latest tools.

We compare your rankings and keywords with those of your competitors, identify unused opportunities and implement the results.

We analyze your website regarding errors like broken links, incorrect URLs or missing data and fix them afterwards.

We create landing pages, compress images, text images and much more.

We keep an eye on the Google algorithm and adjust the SEO activities accordingly. This algorithm is constantly revised, changing the weighting of factors or even factors themselves.

SEO - was wir machen

You can book a combination of all SEO relevant services with us in a complete offer at a fixed price. Your website will then be continuously maintained and optimized and you have the costs completely in view.

But that's expensive, you think now? Don't get carried away with dumping offers - you can't get good search engine optimization for a few euros a month! SEO is a lot of work and you need a long breath to achieve stable good rankings. At the same time, it's an investment that you can't avoid in Internet commerce if you want to survive in the market or even increase your sales.

We advise you fairly and honestly whether it is worthwhile and which measures are target-oriented for your company.

Please also note our ready-made SEO modules for Modified E-Commerce and Shopware!
SEO - was darf sie kosten?

What can SEO cost?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a time-consuming job. You have to analyze who your customers are, what makes them tick and what they are interested in. Then you have to optimize the store for exactly these customers and optimize the customer experience (alternatively "customer journey") for these customers.

You also have to find and remove programming errors on your website and optimize all images to make the web presence faster. All texts must be revised linguistically, grammatically and orthographically to captivate the customer and convince him of the product.

Then you have to add meta data everywhere so that the search engines understand what it is about.

And now you need to look at how that changed your ranking on Google, analyze and understand that change, and react to it.

In other words: a lot of work. That's why search engine optimization can be done full time. And these are then the SEO agencies that call amounts beyond the 5000 euros per month (A well-known german online shoe retailer, for example, has several full-time employees who only take care of SEO).

We are closing the gap here between what you OUGHT to do (full time) and what YOU CAN afford to do.

I.e. we do search engine optimization only a few hours a week, but we do it over many months, and thus we make the store a little bit better every month.

SEO Performance Analyse

How long does SEO take?

In general, the first noticeable results of the care can usually be seen after 6-9 months. Nevertheless, there are various factors that can lead to both an accelerated and a more extended duration.

A solid foundation in the form of high authority and an established brand, for example, lends an advantageous start. In contrast, it requires longer patience in competitive industries, after penalties or a fre

An early start of search engine optimization by an SEO agency is always recommendedbecause it takes time for measurable SEO results to become visible. As an illustration, if you are aiming for increased presence on Google during the Christmas or vacation season, you should start optimizing at least half a year before.

SEO Agency: More visibility and sales for you

Let our SEO experts help you improve your website in the search engines.

SEO is a complex topic that requires a lot of time and expertise. If you want to improve your website in search engine results pages (SERPs), generate more leads, hire us as a SEO Agency mit unserer SEO Services.

Our SEO team has the expertise and resources to successfully optimize your website.

The advantages of our SEO agency are many:

  • Increased visibility: Your website will rank better in the SERPs for relevant keywords.
  • More potential customers: You reach more potential customers who become aware of your website.
  • More sales: You generate more sales and leads by increasing the visibility of your website.

Contact us today and benefit from our SEO services. As your SEO agency, our experts will help you improve your website in the search engines.