Store development.

Shop Entwicklung durch Programmierung


Store development - our programming brings your store forward

Often, the standard software is sufficient at the beginning, but in the course of business, growth or technical adjustments, individual requirements can quickly arise that the store can no longer meet. We work with a competent and experienced team of programmers who develop applications tailored to your needs. We support you professionally with profound knowledge and many years of experience in the field of individual programming and software projects for e-commerce and realize your ideas.

We program everything that isn't nailed down. For example:

Store systems or scripts for Shopware 5, Shopware 6 and Modified Ecommerce.
Customizations for WordPress, Typo3 and if necessary also Magento and Joomla.
internal areas, intranets and communities
E-cards, forums, guestbooks and surveys
Helpdesks/ticket systems, webmailers and newsletters
Interfaces from A to B
ERP Systems
Document management solutions
Specific industry solutions and billing systems
Carrying out software tests, troubleshooting

And what will that cost?

This professional and flexible development and adaptation of functions varies greatly in terms of workload and time contingent. Therefore, these services cannot be represented in fixed prices. Therefore, we work with hourly prices or hourly packages. But don't worry: we will discuss before and in between individually with you how long we need for your projects.

Contact us!

The first step for your store development is the consultative conversation with us. It is also possible that we can offer you an interface or a ready-made script that we only need to integrate into your store. Benefit from the growing variety of modules and interfaces we offer!

Preise Shop Entwicklung

You can contact us at any time if you need any service.


We connect what belongs together.

Interfaces enable the exchange of data between software systems. For example, if you want to connect your web store with your merchandise management system, you need a suitable interface solution. Only in this way can both programs exchange data smoothly and without errors. You will be surprised what is possible with an interface and how much work this comparatively small investment can save you!

Ready programmed interfaces

We already have some interfaces in our program as standard, others we can program for you on request. Already in the program are for example:
Export your product to Google Shopping,,, Idealo, Kelkoo,, SH24,, and and and...

Copy products, catalogs, inventory, orders, URLs from Modified to Shopware

Import CSV files from your suppliers

Export your products directly from the store to Ebay, Amazon, Yatego,, Mein, Rakuten, Hitmeister

Export of orders to Easybill

Payment with Amazon Payments, Paypal (Stripe, Alipay, Bitcoin and so on, you will find here with our colleagues.)

Export of orders for shipping or tax advisor.

Import of secure legal texts from IT Recht Kanzlei, Janolaw, Protected Shops, Händlerbund

Individual interfaces

We program individual interfaces for your online store on request. For example, to

onnect your website directly with your supplier, so that your quantities and prices are always correct.

automatically push new customers to your newsletter provider.


Store development also means multilingualism through good translations. On the DEEPL.COM platform, you can have texts translated for free with just one click. Although fewer languages are offered than on Google Translate, the quality of the translations is much higher. We think this is great and have therefore built an interface for Deepl. With this you can easily mark products in the store and send them directly to Deepl. The German product description, for example, is now sent to Deepl and the interface receives the texts in translation back from Deepl and stores them directly in the store database for the language. This way you can translate several thousand products in under 30 minutes.

Shop Entwicklung durch Übersetzungen

Make your work easier - build bridges. Just leave the programming, installation and support to us!

Store software / modules

We add features to your store that make life easier for you and your customers.

For some functions there are already free so-called "modules" for download, for others there are paid modules, still other functions do not exist yet and have to be programmed by us. Due to our ongoing involvement with this topic - after all, internet stores are our focus - we have a good overview of the market situation and can either quickly find the right module for you or program it for you.

What is the cost of a programmed module?

The price for programming an individual module is based on the following points:
How many changes we need to consider are there already in your store ?
Would the new function possibly get in the way of an existing one ?
How old or new is the store software used ?
How complicated or simple is the desired function ?
And of course, how fast do you need the implementation ?
Module zur Shopentwicklung

What ready-made modules are there?

Our available modules exist for countless areas such as marketing, search engine optimization, hints, security, filtering and searching, shipping, etc.

Feel free to use the search on to get suitable suggestions.
Here are a few examples:


  1. In everyday business, existing products in the online store are often neglected due to new additions and new installations. However, if you had linked to external pages (e.g. manufacturers) that no longer exist or to other products that are now disabled, broken links will result. Broken links not only confuse your clientele, but can also have a negative impact on the rating of your site. I.e. they are counterproductive for your search engine optimization. With the right module you get all broken links displayed - it's that simple.
  2. Vouchers are an integral part of the mail order business and a great option for customers looking for gifts. You want to offer gift vouchers as a separate item in your store? That's a good idea, and it's easy to do with a module. After payment, the voucher is generated and the visually designed file in PDF format is immediately sent to the buyer by e-mail. Of course, the omission of shipping costs is also taken into account.
  3. You can also simplify the tiresome European delivery threshold issue with a module: Using our delivery threshold script, the delivery threshold in the defined countries is monitored, you are warned in advance and, if desired, the included VAT is changed shortly before the purchase is completed. This way the gross price remains the same.

Everything else we can program for you on request.


One of our main focuses is the administration of websites and webshops. Administration is the management, optimization and customization of an online store. Of course, the used store system already offers you numerous functions for administration. But sometimes this is not enough for the needs that arise in everyday business. Stop wasting time on processes that can be easily optimized. With targeted store development by Fishnet Services you don't waste potential anymore.

Shop Entwicklung Administration