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We connect to Google

Why SEM? Your online store is the shop window of your company. And Google is the shopping street your customers stroll along.

Google is indisputably the most important marketing tool of all for mail order companies. Germany in particular is Google country: Google's market share of search engines in this country is now 84% in desktop search and as much as 96% in mobile search, and rising. Google is the absolute market leader in the german search engine landscape. And in the US, too.


What does this mean for the mail order business?

If you want to be successful in e-commerce, you have to position yourself as well as possible on Google. After all, visibility in the search engine generates clicks, which in turn generate conversions. And that's exactly what we want to achieve, that searchers become visitors and visitors become buyers at best.

Your customers are on Google searching for products or information. You get the results in the form of:

Search results
text ads
shopping tips
SEM für den Versandhandel

But the mother of all search engines also rules outside the site. If you visit any websites and see banner ads there, they are most likely displayed by - you guessed it:


SEM Services rund um Google

Our services around Google

With our interface FishnetManager 365 you can list your products directly from the Modified Ecommerce Shop fully automatically on Google Shopping, among others. And also on many other platforms. You can find more information here.

Google Ads - these are the paid ads above and to the right of the organic search results. We set up your Google Ads account, optimize the keywords, the ad texts and images and the links on your website. After the setup, we analyze the account every 7 to 14 days and continue to optimize. With many customers, we achieve a sales rate of 20%. Without optimization, the rate is often 1% or less.

But what if the customers were on your website and leave it again, for example, to look around at the competition? That's what Google Remarketing is for. Anyone who visits your website without buying anything ends up on a list for x days (to be determined by you) and now sees banner ads of your company everywhere - no matter where they are on the Internet. This for example connected with a discount promise, if he comes back. After the specified time has elapsed or a purchase has been made, he is automatically deleted from the list and no longer sees any of your ads. We also set up Google Remarketing for you, from the reprogramming of your website to the design of the ads to the delivery to the end user - and all that for an attractive fixed price.

By the way, Google Ads and Google Remarketing cost nothing as long as no one clicks on the ad. Only when a click is made - i.e. when the customer is interested - do costs become due. This makes this form of advertising particularly attractive. And if there should be a financial bottleneck in your company, it can simply be switched off. No performance - no costs. Counteract bottlenecks in a targeted manner - with professional search engine marketing, or SEM for short!

SEM und Google Remarketing vom Profi